It' A Vibe

Colors and lines transcend to a mood or a vibe A polygon-based Project for all NFT Collectors, who love good art.

Find your Vibe on Polygon Chain

Creator of the Project Rima

Why did I create this Project?

Art should be affordable, unfortunately life is not. This project was created so that the collector can own a piece of this artwork

Pricing System

To keep the price rate fair. We have decide to keep the price of the Nft drop to Eth 0.05 or below


We are very passionate to support, contribute and nurture anyone who have been a victim of abuse. This cause is very close to our heart. On Every Milestone we hit we will contribute 5% of that amount.



  • 1 Ethereum
  • 10 Ethereum
  • 100 Ethereum
  • 1000 Ethereum
  1. Create Merch
  2. NFT Books
IP & Ownership

The owner has 100% IP on the artwork 

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